Happy New Year to you my viewers, God indeed have been faithful to us all. All we went through in the year 2013 and we are still standing, its all due to the grace and mercy of the Lord. 2013 has been a year of mixed blessings and sadness in some quarters, but God is faithful in all. I am praying that 2014 which the Lord has titled the year of double double reward and recompense will be a year full of glory and blessings. God of Heaven will answer us all and take us to a much higher ground and level.

Thank you for your support and prayers, God indeed has crowned this year with the launching of my latest book titled “Who is God the Holy Spirit, Meet Him! which is available on Amazon and Kindle.

I decree by the decree of heaven that your 2014 will be a glorious, abundant year full of the blessings of the Lord for us all. None of us shall be found wanting in 2014. The Lord will shine His light upon you and household. The sound of joy and peace shall abide with you all throughout the year 2014 and beyond.

I pray the Abrahamic blessings of God over you all my friends and family.

Happy New Year 2014, your year of double double reward and recompense. God Bless you all. Amen.


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