My beloved, you can do it! You have all you need to fulfill your purpose. There is nothing lacking in you. Why? Because God is in you and there is no lack in Him hallelujah.

We all questions our abilities and giftings. We all face moments when our inadequacy shows, especially when God asks us to do something for Him.

God does not choose His servants based on gifts or talents. He looks for the brave soul who will make himself/herself available for his purpose. amen.

Throughout history, God takes delight in using unlikely people in unlikely ways. The perfect example of this is Jael, the wife of Heber, she was the one that brought the final victory for Israel’s armies. One woman in the right place at the right time succeded where all the armies of Israel had failed.

Now, lets take a look at the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob. Imagine, this woman who had gone through 5 men and the society, the pharisee of their time had rejected her, the lowest of the society, but I have good news for you my friends, these are the people God is looking for showcase His all.amen.

One conversation with Jesus changed her destiny. Jesus is always ready to break every barriers of race, gender, colour, and socioeconomic separation.  When Jesus saw her desire to be a worshiper.  What she found was too much to keep to herself, she ran back to the city and told about Jesus. She dropped her water pot, she dropped her trouble, her reproached, her stigma, her condemnation from people. She became an evangelist and the whole city came to Christ through her. Glory to God.

My precious friends, never be intimidated. The Greater One lives in you. He chose you for His purpose. Do not lean on your own understanding. Trust the One who made you to enable you. You can do all things through Christ who is your strength, and I say, ” YES, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN MAKE IT, YOU CAN SUCCESS, YOU WILL BE PROMOTED, YOU WILL BE ELEVATED IN THE NAME OF JESUS. “AMEN. SAY I CAN MAKE IT IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.


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