By Margaret Ade Odusanyaon Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 11:19am ·

Beloved of the Lord, at early hours of this morning, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me concerning these nations.

Please read and mediate upon what the Spirit of the Living God is saying in this hour to these nations. Amen.


The Spirit of the Lord revealed to me that the nation of Australia needs to pray to avert another Earth Quake coming to her. Intercessions please pray against this happening again.


The Spirit of the Lord revealed that they need to pray against war breaking out there again.


Thus saith the Lord to pray against the evil powers of that nation, so that they will be broken.


Thus saith the Lord, things are going to get worst before it will get better sadly, more innocent blood shed is on the way, pray earnestly that this will not lead to civil unrest in the nation.

Some of the leaders of the nation sadly are the brains behind the Boko Haram Sect. But soon saith the Lord, they are going to be exposed and they will be brought to justice.

The President needs to pray like never before as an attempt will be made on his life. His security needs to be increased, and there should be a change of guards saith the Lord.

CHANGE THE GUARDS, I SAY CHANGE THE GUARDS for I see that there is a set up there  where the attacks is going to happen. CHANGE THE GUARD, I repeat this the third time. Do as a matter of urgency.

Sadly, the Boko Haram Sects has already been planted in many of the States awaiting for their command. The States that we least expect to be attack will to be attacked first, the State Governors needs to beef up their intelligence services and mount up serious road checks to cancel these evil that the enemy is planning to these areas saith the Spirit of the Lord.


The Spirit of the Lord is sounding a warning to be extra vigilant concerning security during this period.  More attention needs to be given to the Mid Land areas in the UK. There are plots going on behind close doors. Watch there more saith the Lord.



The present government needs to pray against losing some serious seats, as I see a lot of losses during this election, but THEY ARE GOING TO WIN  AGAIN BUT WITH REDUCED MARGINS.

The Elders at the Gates of this nation needs to speak against the North Armies rising. The Elders at the Gates should make a decree saying “NO ENTRY BY THE NORTH ARMIES”  Seal the gates so the enemies will not come into the Nation saith the Lord.

Thank you Father for these revelations. By the power in the Blood of Jesus, I cancel all the evil plans of the enemies concerning these nations in the name of Jesus. Amen. I decree it done now in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prophetess Margaret Ade Odusanya

General Overseer/Founder

Broken Hearted World Outreach Ministries

18th July 2012.


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